A lot of drinking games are boring, you put a card down, someone else puts a card down and eventually, some poor soul will have to drink. If these games are too dull for you or you lack the skill to handle a game of beer pong, then why not leave it all completely up to fate.

This party game does just that with an added shock factor. Fill up a shot glass with your drink of choice and each player slides a finger into the Party Shock. The unlucky guy that gets an electric shock sent through their finger will then have to down the drink!

Simple To Play, Full of Shocking Surprise!

Party Shock is very simple to play but full of shocking suspense. Simply put the players fingers and the light roulette will start to spin with beep sounds. It will randomly stop to ones unlucky guy and will instantly send up surprising but safe electric shock to unlucky one’s finger

Party Shock

Portable and Safe

Even thought Party Shock will send electric shock to someone’s finger, the shock is safe and non-painful. Party Shock is also portable and powered by 3 x AAA batteries that provides hours and hours of shocking fun. It can be played by up to 6 players.

Party Shock

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