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The ToiletTree Bathtub Caddy is the perfect mini-table that fits right over your bathtub.  If you enjoy taking long hot baths, you’ll definitely enjoy having one of these at your next soak session.

The all-bamboo caddy was designed to fit any bathtub with it’s adjustable arms.  It can stretch out extremely long and still support heavy weight.

It’s a bathtub caddy designed for a night to yourself

It comes with three main features on the caddy that make this different than a regular table.  The caddy supports a mobile phone, a book, and a glass of wine.

The mobile phone holder is a carved out area that is the perfect size for any phone.  Its caved in so the phone doesn’t easily fall over or out of the caddy.

Bathtub Caddy Phone Holder

The wine holder is perfect for holding your wine glass in tact and making sure not to spill over.  It has a slot for the base of your wine glass that should fit all kinds of wine glasses.

The book holder is a metal bar that supports that back of the book.  It tilts it at just the right angle and has enough support to hold up a pretty heavy book.Bathtub Caddy Bamboo Design
Having a caddy just for your bathtub is one of the best additions to your self pleasure, self reward regiments. It’ll keep you from having to get up out of the bath tub over and over again.

This bathtub caddy is completely affordable also. At $34.95, it definitely adds a great deal of luxury for a good price. It makes the perfect gift for your mother, your sister, or friend.

$49.95 $34.95

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