Bloody Bath Mat For Horror Lovers

This bloody bath mat will shock and delight horror movie fans. It will spice up any bathroom with bloody thrills!

Bloody Bath Mat Absorbs Water

This bloody bath mat will turn any ordinary bathroom into the grisly set of a horror film. Go dark and edgy, creating a scene of murder and mayhem.

Blood 3

At the same time, this mat works to absorb water, actually keeping you safer. This non-slip water absorbent mat will keep real blood from replacing the fake blood on its design.

Prevent falls after a shower while enlivening the scene for horror buffs. Shock friends and family who come over for a visit, and see it they think it’s real!

This amusing bath mat is the perfect gag gift, especially for those into horror. It’s selling fast, so grab yours while supplies are in stock.

$39.99 $19.99

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