Bulbhead BattleVisor – Best Anti-Glare Car Visor

The sun can get pretty annoying when we’re walking down the street. We might need sunlight to see, but too much of it, and we can barely see a thing! The glaring light hurts our eyes and affects how we make sense of our surroundings. When I’m outside and there’s too much light, I can shade my eyes with my hands. It’s not so easy when you’re on the road. Good thing we have Bulbhead Battlevisor!

There is enough to worry about while driving, so you should not have to worry about the sun, too. Wait, your car already has a built-in visor? That is nothing compared to Bulbhead Battlevisor. Here’s why.

Bulbhead Battlevisor doesn’t block the view

If you put down the typical car visor beside this amazing anti-glare visor, you can see the difference. Car visors block half your view, leaving you exposed to potential accidents just waiting to happen. The Bulbhead Battlevisor is transparent, so it can block harsh glare and bright light while still letting you see everything.

bulbhead battlevisor vision

This way, the sun won’t distract you, plus you can always see the road ahead. This can make the difference between life and death!

Amazing tech sets Bulbhead Battlevisor apart

This visor was inspired by American military pilot eye coverings. It makes use of atomic clarification technology, allowing it to do much more than cuts dangerous glare without blocking your vision. The unique anti-glare visor also blocks blue rays, UV rays, and other potentially harmful rays that come from the sun.

All of this combined gives you an HD-like clarity on the road, letting you see more than you could have with the naked eye. Nothing can sneak up on you AND your eyes are protected.

bulbhead battlevisor tech

Bulbhead Battlevisor is versatile

Not a handyman? No problem! Installation needs no tools, therefore it’s no fuss. The special visor is quick to install on your car’s existing visor, and you can use it either on the driver’s side or the passenger’s side.

You even get a sun blocker with the Battlevisor. The small device just snaps onto the anti-glare visor. Once attached, you can slide it around to combat direct sun glare.

bulbhead battlevisor sunblocker

You can protect your eyes and your safety on the road with the Bulbhead Battlevisor. Looks like I’m taking it with me on all my road trips from now on!


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