Kenguru: The Environment Friendly Car We All Need

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, the Kenguru car is definitely the real winner. A real gift for the environment, this piece of automobile is an environmentalists’ dream car. 

With this piece of technology, it is easy to move from one point to another while at the same time being an Earth warrior. If you are looking for a piece of vehicle that would help you and also bring a cause, the Kenguru is what you need. 

Be An Earth Warrior with Kenguru

The great thing about Kenguru is the many advantages that it brings the environment. At the very least, it decreases your carbon footprint and protects the ozone layer. 

The many advantages of this product include the ones listed below:

It is environment friendly. With this new GREEN initiative, there are a lot of products that want to help. Automobiles are not necessarily on this part of the initiative yet but with the Kenguru, the industry is closer than it seems.

It can be driven directly even by individuals in a wheelchair. There may be people with disabilities who want to be able to do things on their own. With this advancement, people who are in a wheelchair may still bring themselves from one point to another. You may access the vehicle through the rear-opening tailgate. 

The steering can be done by the motorbike style handlebar. You may not even have to get off the wheelchair because it is secured by the vehicle in place. An interlocking device locks your wheels in place and there is also a joystick option if your mobility may be done by a joystick. 


To enter the vehicle, all you need is to click on ghe automatically lowering ramp. The ramp comes down as a back door so once you open the key, you should be on your way. 

The vehicle is also classified as a scooter because of its light size and weight. You would only need a scooter driver’s license so you can drive the vehicle.

To begin using, the user only needs to key in the ignition switch and the back door shuts. As a safety measure, the machine will not even start until the wheelchair is in a correct locking position. 

Go Green With Your Car


This environmentally-friendly vehicle is all that you need in terms of being able to help out Mother Earth. There are so many reasons for you to do so and the best thing about it is that it comes at little cost. Go green with your car and help the planet.

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