Navdy – Stay Connected with Maps, Calls, Texts & Music Projected Through Your Windshield

Navdy is the perfect heads up wind shield display to keep up to date on your cars information, answer calls, send out text messages and much more.  It’s augmented design makes it safe to drive and use, so you’ll never have to text message and drive again.

It’s display is beautiful, clean and pairs up with pretty much any device.  The screen can split to show different things that are happening on the Navdy.  It’s also crystal sharp and is positioned so it appears like its on your wind shield.

Navdy Heads Up Display - Navigation

Navdy has different display interfaces to give you maximum capability when using it

It has tons of different screens and modes to give the driver tons of information on their vehicle.  It displays speed, gas, destination time, rpm and more.  This can easily replace your own dashboard speedometer.

Navdy Heads Up Display - Speed

With all sorts of apps for the Navdy, the customization and opportunities exceed other competitors.  It fits easily on your dashboard and should be perfect for your peripherals.
Texting and driving is not a problem anymore because you can voice command your text messages and read them on your windshield.  This could definitely save a lot of lives as there are so many people who dangerously text and drive.
Navdy Heads Up Display - Text Message

This is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who texts and drives at the same time.  They really shouldn’t be and now you can help them with this gift.  Hopefully this isn’t too much of a distraction in itself, but we like to think it’s much better than staring down at your phone.


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