Delfast E-Bike Goes 236 Miles On One Charge

The Delfast E-Bike can travel the same amount of distance as the most powerful electric cars on the market today. Go 236 miles on just one charge.

Delfast E-Bike Goes The Distance

The Delfast is the most powerful electric bicycle on the market today. So powerful, it can match the distance range of any electric car.

Features include GPS tracking, signaling, remote start, and an immobilizer, all contributing to this E-bike’s supreme safety protocols.

The bike’s pedal assistance system enables three power modes that regulate speed, or use as a fully electric bike. You don’t have to be in expert physical shape to ride this vehicle.

Contains front and rear turn signals, a running light, and digital computer display. The Delfast E-bike is the state-of-the-art in personal transportation.

$4160.00 $2719.00

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