These Car Floor Lights illuminates the inside of your car! Similar to our in-home LED Strip lights, this kit includes everything you need to pimp out your car!

These Car Floor Lights are a must have for ALL drivers!

You’ve probably seen our LED Strip Lights for inside your home. Well say hello to the Car Floor Lights!


Featuring the same technology as the strip lights, these lights simply attach to the under side of your car’s dashboard via 3M tape and is powered by the 12V DC outlet in your car.

The Car Floor Lights allows for FULL customization!

The Car Floor Lights also comes with a handy wireless remote so you can choose from (7) different colors! So you can be sure you can always be rocking your favorite color!


Step up your car game with these Car Floor Lights!  Install within minutes and have your guests awe at the beauty! Maybe even have a mini rave in your car?! lol!


Get your Car Floor Lights today while supplies last!

$49.99 $24.99

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