Cat Paw Chair Socks

These cat paw chair socks are an adorable addition to your chairs which will protect them from scratching the floor. Protect your home with a cute design flair!

Cat Paw Chair Socks Are An Easy Fit

These cat paw chair socks will slide easily under your chair legs for a perfect fit. Any time the chair moves, your floor stays firmly protected.

These chair socks are constructed from high-quality knit materials that are soft and inviting. They come in sets of four with a different design for each.

If you love cats, these chair socks are especially for you. Your guests will be charmed by their warm, inviting look.

Turn any stool or chair into a scratch-free piece of furniture with these charmers. They fit like a glove as if they were always there.

$39.99 $14.99

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