Charcoal Towel – Towel Imbued With Charcoal By Temkho

Charcoal towel is a towel that is imbued with charcoal that is innovative and revolutionary to the bathroom and shower.  The towel provides an odorless, more hygienic and more dry experience.

It comes in four different sizes and was originally started on Kickstarter.  It’s been getting major funding and eye balls across the internet as it makes it’s debut into the world.

charcoal towel closeup

The secret in the Charcoal Towel is the charcoal powder

The charcoal powder has an anti-bacterial effect which fights off microbes, fungi and infections.  This leads to a better smelling and more hygienic towel.

Charcoal absorbs a lot of the bad things from nature.  It cleans water and even makes air fresh again.  These methods are passed into each towel upon manufacturing.

charcoal towel back

charcoal towel body

Charcoal Towel is as good as any other towel

Many towels we use don’t pick up all the water off your body.  The Charcoal Towel picks up way more water than a normal towel and cleans the water so there’s no odor on your towel.

It’s usually recommended to wash your towel after you use it three times.  The Charcoal Towel can be used 5-6 times before washing and is completely safe to throw in the washer and dryer.
charcoal towel

We know a towel is a sacred thing when it comes to the bathroom, especially having your own that’s just right for you.  The Charcoal Towel is a great fit for anybody because it has all the necessities and sizes of a good towel and is way better for your skin and hygiene.


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