Charging Station Ultimate USB Charge Hub

The Fleck Charging Station is the ultimate device organizer for any home and office setting.  It can hold many mobile devices or tablets and charge all of them at the same time.

It keeps all your devices neat and organized while charging all of them at the same time.  Perfect for a kitchen counter, office counter or next to your bed.

Fleck Charging Station

Other charging stations don’t organize like the Fleck Charging Station does

We’ve seen plenty of charging hubs, but none that organize as well as the Fleck Charging Station does.  Normally there’s wires everywhere and putting a bunch devices on one outlet is a messy look.

This charging station really cleans up the wires and organizes them so each devices is in a slot and filed nicely.  Wires fit under the slots to keep them organized and untangled.

Fleck Charging Station Backside

The charging station has eight USB ports that can charge any device and also charges extremely fast.  It’s extremely user friendly and works well with all Android and iPhone devices. Four 2.4A USB ports can charge high-powered devices such as tablets, while four 1A USB ports can charge smart phones, music players, 2 standard AC outlets can run your PC, lamp, diffuser, humidifier, hair dryer and any other devices .

A charging station comes down to the size and the overall look

Most people are intrigued with who well these charging stations fit their home decor.  Looks and size are everything when it comes to charging stations because no one wants a technological mess of wires and devices, eating up all the space on your counter-top.

Kitchen Charging Station Fleck

Many Apple and Android fans are heavily into wood interior and decor when it comes to devices.  This wood Charging Station is an excellent addition to the modern technological look.

Fleck Wood Charging Station

Start getting rid of all the separate cables and multiple charging outlets you have.  Put it all into one place and start organizing your devices.


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