Chemion – Unique Bluetooth LED Glasses That Display Messages, Animation and Drawings

Chemion is a unique bluetooth LED pair of glasses that display custom animations and drawings.  These glasses are the perfect party ice-breaker or fashionable wear.

The glasses are controlled with a phone app and are bluetooth enabled so you can control everything right from your phone.  It’s fast, easy yet intricate to make customizable animations and messages.

Chemion is for everyone because of the unique, yet universal shape and look

It’s easy to look good in these shades and they fit all types of styles.  They are mostly for fun outings or to show off your creativity.  They make the perfect conversation starter at a club or a festival.

chemion back view

Each pair of glasses are foldable which makes it easy to stow away and keep in your pocket.  They are made very durable so they wont break easily when carrying them around.

chemion front view

Other competitors really don’t even come close.  None of them are customizable through an app and they have very little control of what they can do.  Sure, they are a cheap alternative, but definitely no where near as cool.
chemion cover

Chemion is ready to go whenever you want it

Chemion is battery operated and take 2 AAA batteries so you can really use it at any time.  They are lightweight so there’s no discomfort when putting them on, but they are also heavy enough to give you a really high quality feel.

chemion back of lens


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