Novus – World’s First Modular Smartphone for Kids

We all want what’s best for our children. Our priorities as responsible parents are to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. Kids these days love spending a lot of time on smartphones, and these devices are a great way to keep connected with them. But smartphones can also be a risk, because of the mental and physical effects they can have on our kids. Plus, our children can even get exposed to unhealthy content on the internet. So what if I told you that this is all solved with Novus, a device that can keep kids entertained AND safe?

Novus is a 3-in-1 modular smartphone especially designed for kids that will give you peace of mind while your kids can have fun. Here’s why we at Legit Gifts love this cool device so much!

Get 3 Devices In 1 With Novus

The Novus functions as a phone, watch, and home module. This way, you don’t need three different devices for your son or daughter, saving you on storage and money.

As a phone, you can stay connected anywhere and anytime. You can contact your child through text message, voice message, phone call, and even video call.

Is your kid the active type? Or are they very forgetful? Put the Novus in smartwatch mode so the device won’t get lost.

And if they’re at home, they can plug the device in the home module to play music, watch videos, or even access useful info so they get their homework done quickly!

Ensure Your Kid’s Safety With Novus

Novus isn’t just for fun. With the positioning feature that includes Wi-Fi, LBS, A-GPS, and GPS, you’ll be able to track your child’s location through the handy Novus app. A day at the playground or at the mall doesn’t have to turn into a stress fest if your child gets lost. All you need to do is check your app, and your kid will be safe in your arms again. The app comes completely free on Google Play and App Store, so you don’t have to pay for anything else aside from your Novus device

The app does more than track location. You can block unknown callers, know when your children arrive at school or home, track your child’s exercise, and more.

A Novus For Every Happy Home

With all these great features, the Novus is the perfect helper and companion. This revolutionary modular gadget is something you and your child will definitely love.


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