Collar Perfect – Compact Multipurpose Touch-Up and Travel Iron

Collar Perfect is a compact multipurpose touch-up travel iron that helps you make quick adjustments on your collared shirt, keeping your clothes fresh and straight. It’s the perfect travel companion for your next business meeting when you want to quickly make your clothes ironed again.

Collar Perfect is perfect for traveling and on-the-go uses

This small compact clothing iron is perfect for those small wrinkles in your clothes that you wish you could fix quickly, but can’t because you don’t have a full-blown iron and ironing board. It really is the perfect gift for people who like to look sharp all the time.

It has a nice compact design that allows it to fit in any bag pocket, backpack or carrying bag. Wherever you go, the Collar Perfect can follow you because of it’s convenient size. It’s voltage also supports 110v and 220v so don’t worry about what country your in.

Collar Perfect travel
Collar Perfect collar touch-up

The Collar Perfect works on pretty much any clothing type that can handle an iron

The Collar Perfect has 6 adjustable heating settings which makes it perfect for all your ironing needs. You can adjust the iron so it won’t be too hot for your extra sensitive clothing.

It has flip out wings which makes it perfect for touch ups on the fly. Sometimes you don’t want to clamp a part of your clothing but rather just iron it on a flat surface.

Collar Perfect Bendable compact


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