Convertible Bean Bag Chair That Turns Into Mattress

CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Chair is a super comfy bean bag that also converts into a super comfy mattress.  Doing it is so simple it makes for an excellent living room feature.

It fits all people, kids and adults.  It’s just as big as those giant bean bags you see in the mall where they can pretty much fit almost two people on it.

Turning your convertible bean bag chair into a mattress is a breeze

Leave it to CordaRoy to make up the easiest design to turn this bean bag into a mattress.  Simply unzip the cover, remove the inside and flip it over and over again to get a nice flat mattress.

Convertible Bean Bag Chair

Putting it back on is just as easy too.  Fold the mattress like a taco and slide it into the cover like a sock.  Rotate it and bounce it a bit and now it’s back to a bean bag.

Convertible Bean Bag Chair

The Convertible Bean Bag Chair was built to last

The convertible bean bag chair has a cover that comes off and is 100% washable.  It’s made out of strong fabric that’s super soft so it definitely will last you a while.

It’s the perfect addition to your living room and is definitely a must for college kids and bachelors.  Have your next friend ditch the couch and sleep on a comfy mattress instead.




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