Dog Vest With Disco LED Lights – Smartphone Controlled

The Disco Dog vest turns your dog into the ultimate walking light show with 256 RGB LEDs.  The design looks absolutely beautiful and the customizations to the way the LEDs light up is endless.

This dog vest comes in three sizes so it can fit on any dog.  The creator of the Disco Dog charmed the entire kickstarter world by starting a crowdfunding campaign to help mass produce these.

It looks flashy, but comfort was also taken into consideration when designing this led jacket. It was tested on many dogs and most seemed completely comfortable with because of the way it was shaped.

Not only is the sizing perfect, it can also be placed and removed from your dog easily.  The LED strip detaches from the vest so you can safely machine wash it.

Breaking down the features of the Disco Dog Vest

The LED dog vest also comes with the ability to type customized messages and change the colors to whatever color you want.  It has an RGB scale so you literally can choose any color.  It’s powered by a 3.7V lithium polymer battery so you can expect it to last quite a bit.

Disco Dog Vest Moving Image

To top it off, the Disco Dog Vest comes with it’s very own iOS and Android App that gives you unlimited customization.  The app fully controls the dog vest and allows you to type custom messages on it or change the color of the LED light.

It also comes with different modes which can help you setup your desired look.  Gradation, Sparkle, Stripe, Firefly, Alarm, Lost Dog, Advertisement and Text are the eight modes included with the app.

Lost dog is probably one of the coolest features because if you lose your dog, the jacket can be set to show a ‘Lost Dog’ message.  It will allow owners to send a signal to any strangers who have found the dog.

Advertisements also will be a big hit as any popular dogs can carry around a branded message on their back.  Sounds like a unique marketing tool.


Disco Dog Vest iOS Android App

Concluding the world’s first LED Dog Vest

Giving your dog the gift of bright lights will certainly be the ice breaker at any party or public function.  Your dog will get so much attention from this, it’s almost a must for dog enthusiast.

Fund this kickstarter project today and get your Disco Dog Led Vest.


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