Dog Ball Launcher (iFetch) – The Most Fun Your Dog Will Ever Have

The iFetch dog ball launcher is the most fun your dog will ever have.  You don’t have to always throw the ball for your dog anymore, he or she can put it into this machine and it will shoot for them.

There are various options when it comes to choosing a dog ball launcher, but there are so big names in the game that work pretty well.  These things have become so popular everyone is making them.

ifetch dog ball launcher featured

Your dog will learn how to use a dog ball launcher very easily

Most owners have agreed that teaching their dog to put the ball back into the machine has been a lot easier than anticipated.  After showing your dog a few times, he or she should be able to get it down.

ifetch dog ball launcher shoot ball

It’s natural for your dog to get hyper before the ball comes out.  The power winding up noise gets dogs super excited and keeps them entertained for hours.

A Dog Ball Launcher comes in many forms, pick the best one for your dog

These smaller ball launchers usually come with small balls, if your dog is big make sure to check the ball size so you get a bigger one for a bigger dog.  Most dog ball launchers don’t come with various size balls, so check first.

dog ball launcher -featured
Most of these ball throwing devices can be charged or battery operated so it makes the perfect device to bring to the park.  It’s not only for outdoors, many owners keep one indoors for smaller dogs.

ifetch dog ball launcher shoot



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