Doggy Bank Is A Fun Way To Save Money!

This doggy bank is a great new way to store those leftover coins. Simply place your coins in the bowl and watch the dog “eat” them into its belly!

Doggy Bank Is A Perfect Gift For Kids And Dog Lovers

Any kid will be delighted with this doggy bank’s new way of storing coins. The aggressive action of these canines is fun to watch and will safely store your coins.

Doggy 4

The size of this unique bank is 16x15x8 cm, small enough to be stored virtually anywhere. This device uses two 1.5V AA batteries, not included, to propel the action.

Not just kids but dog lovers will love this new twist on the piggy bank as well! Choose from seven different canine designs.

This novel animal bank is cute, friendly, fun to watch and a great way of storing loose change. Supplies are limited so grab yours today!

$59.99 $29.99

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