Dusty Brush – The New Way to Clean

The Dusty Brush is a vacuum attachment that fits on any vacuum and sucks up all the dust and dirt, but doesn’t pick up small fine things like screws.  Easily clean a dashboard, coin tray, dusty drawer without having to move everything out of it.

The specially designed vacuum head weaves through your objects, but still has a strong suck to vacuum all of the dust and dirt out of a certain area.  It really cleans in a way you’ve never seen before.

You can really vacuum anything with the Dusty Brush

It’s true, there are some areas you would never want to put a vacuum on, but with the dusty brush you can.  Try your pet, a hard to reach corner, or pretty much anything.

Dusty Brush Cat Fur Dog
The fine brussels in the the vacuum head really lets it maneuver and only pick up dirt and small particles.  You could even clean the dust off your motherboard in your computer.dusty brush dusty brush


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