This magic Easy Salad Maker does everything for you. Just insert the ingredients into the bowl, then cut through the slits while rotating the bowl and slicing down in-between the slots ! It’s really that simple!

The Easy Salad Maker will make you fall in love with salads all over again!

In less than a minute, you can enjoy some freshly chopped up vegetables! No more messy kitchens just to make a simple salad.


We all know we need to eat healthier, but sometimes it just requires so much time to make a simple salad. That’s where this Easy Salad Maker comes into play, easily pack the bowl with your favorite salad ingredients, pop on the cover, and slice down in between the slots!

Easy Salad Maker is the #1 must have kitchen gadget today!

Whether its a healthy green salad, or a fruit salad. This Easy Salad Maker takes it ALL on. Serving up a beautifully healthy portion of food, all in under a minute!


So if you love to eat salads, than this Easy Salad Maker is the right thing for you! It’s also dishwasher safe to express even the cleaning aspect of making a healthy salad! If you’re looking to stay healthy while maximizing your time, this Easy Salad Maker is the thing for you!


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