Ferrofluid Sculptures – Cool Liquid Metal Magnet Desk Displa

Ferrofluid Sculptures are cool desktop toys that have liquid metal and can be controlled with magnets outside of it.  Make cool abstract sculptures by shifting the magnets in cool ways.

This device will keep you interested for hours because of all the shapes and cool things you can make with it are endless.  It’s also great for breaking focus and concentrating on something else.

ferrofluid sculptures sideways

There are tons of FerroFluid Sculptures to choose from

The great thing about this item is that there are tons of these sculptures to choose from which makes the combinations endless.  People love picking their own size and shape to make sure they have one that looks cool to them.

Some are even powdered ferro displays which make the magnetic sand shape.  Those are definitely cool magnetic sculptures that you should look at if your interested.
ferrofluid sculptures closeup


FerroFluid Sculptures are cheap, but they also last forever

FerroFluid Sculptures are very affordable and most can be found on the internet.  They are built well and the fluid never changes or dilutes which means it pretty much last forever.



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