Flamingo Phone Holder Stands Your Phone Upright

This charming Flamingo Phone Holder provides an amusing way to hold your devices. Its long legs give it the ability to form into a lot of different standing positions.

Flamingo Phone Holder Is Safe For All Surfaces

This phone holder’s feet are extremely sturdy and have balls attached to their ends to provide a smooth, scratch-free touch. It’s safe to put on hardwood floors or attach to furniture.

The legs bend in unique ways which allow you to put it in any position. It can wrap around poles, hang off handles, stand by itself and more!

Flamingo 3

This device can hold any size phone or tablet, and constructed from durable materials that won’t wear. It has a rotating base and mount so you can form convenient positions.

In addition, the holder has strategic ways to charge your phone or device as you watch. Supplies for this popular product are limited so be sure and order while they last!


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