Flexible Phone Stand Lets You Put Your Phone In Any Position

This flexible phone stand is a charging cable that allows you to prop up your phone in a number of ways. It’s great when you need your hands free.

Flexible Phone Stand

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Posted by Legit Gifts on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Flexible Phone Stand Never Loosens

This phone stand has a strong steel wire that lets you stand your phone in any positions. It’s a strong, flexible cable that never loosens.

This stand works for most smart phones and holds up any phone weight. It’s very useful for those who need to hold up their phone in places where hands need to be free.

It’s great for plugging into your laptop or charger and for holding up your phone while you cook, browse the net, and more.

This stand lets you charge your phone at the same time as you watch. You will soon find it indispensable!

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