Flexy Paw – Selfies & Portraits of Your Dogs & Cats

The Flexy Paw is an attachment for your phone that helps you take selfies and portraits of your dogs and cats. It holds a treat up so your pet will look in the direction you want him or her to.

Flexy Paw, originally started on Kickstarter, is one of the newest pet inventions, taking the internet by storm. Many agree that this fun little attachment will produce pet photos for a life-time.

How does the Flexy Paw work?

The Flexy Paw is extremely easy to use for anyone who is trying to take a picture with their phone. Simply attach the Flexy Paw to your smart phone or tablet, then clip on your pet’s favorite treat or toy and you’re ready to start taking photos.

This attachment makes the perfect gift for anyone with a pet because we all know pet owners love to take photos of their pets. It really is a unique invention that is inexpensive and will definitely be worth it once you see how good your photos come out.


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