Foot Brush Is Perfect For Showering

This foot brush allows you to give your foot a brisk scrubbing without having to bend over! It’s a perfect addition to your shower or bathtub.

Foot Brush Keeps Feet Soft And Smooth

This foot brush is much more effective than other foot brushes, with bristles that are strong yet gentle. Suction cups at the bottom keep it firmly grounded so you don’t slip while using.

Simply place in the shower and be able to clean the underside of your feet without bending over. It gets rid of dead skin and dirt, leaving your foot’s skin soft and refreshed.

Foot Brush 3

This brush will fit into any bathtub or shower. It encloses your foot perfectly without being too tight, giving you the best possible scrub.

You will instantly feel the difference as soon as you’re finished. Foot health is important and you can prevent fungal infections and excema with a proper clean.

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