Glove Light Lets You Work In Dark Areas

This glove light gives you light literally at your fingertips! It’s perfect for dark areas that require more light to work.

Glove Light Fits Onto Any Hand

This glove light straps on to your hand and lets you shine light wherever you point your fingers. It’s comprised of a stretch material that allows it to fit on any hand.

Glove 4

This light is great for home improvement jobs that require work in dark spaces. It’s also great for outdoors work like fishing, camping, and more.

Once you strap it on, you simply lead the light to your area of operation with your hand–no-one need to hold a light for you. It’s also waterproof and extremely durable.

This light is operated by two button batters (not included) and can be a lifesaver for certain repair work. Supplies are limited so order now!

$29.99 $14.99

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