Guzzle Buddy – Turn Your Bottle of Wine Into Your Wine Glass

The Guzzle Buddy is the perfect device for turning your bottle of wine into your wine glass.  Yup that’s right, drink straight from the bottle by adding a simple attachment.

It has a rubber seal to make sure that no wine leaks.  The top is 100% glass and is the same shape as a standard wine glass.

guzzle buddy - wine glass bottle

The Guzzle Buddy is the perfect gag gift for a wine drinker

A lot of times people say they are only going to have one glass of wine, but then end up drinking the entire bottle.

Now you can use this as a gag gift for them and they can drink straight up from the bottle.  Have a girls night and give each girl a Guzzle Buddy and a bottle of wine.
guzzle buddy wine glass

Guzzle Buddy works on other bottles, not just wine glasses

Guzzle Buddy even fits into standard drinking bottles, such as beer bottles.  They fit right in and can allow you to come up with some pretty creative ideas.

Drink beer from a glass or put a scoop of ice-cream in it and plug the Guzzle Buddy into some creme soda and make a Root Beer Float.  It has many uses and makes the perfect gift or party favor.

guzzle buddy beer wine glas


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