Video Recording Sunglasses Make 1080 HD Films

These HD video recording sunglasses will record the moments of your life in real time, as you see them.  It’s as easy as putting on a pair and pressing the ‘on’ button.

Video Recording Sunglasses Capture The Perfect Moment

Get rid of GoPros, mounts, accessories and other cumbersome ways of capturing your life on film. Have your video recorder see the world as you see it–directly from your eyes.

The camera embedded in these stylish sunglasses makes video recordings from an intimate, first-person perspective. Be able to record your memories exactly the way you witnessed them.

This camera also records in stunning 1080 HD visual quality, with wide-angle lens shots. It is USB rechargeable and uses a MicroSD to store hours of footage.

You never have to worry about your hand  getting in the way of a shot. The resulting images are stunning and reflect a natural flow the way your own eyes see the world.

$139.99 $69.99

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