Hifold Car Seat

Car seats may be a necessity, but their bulky size and heavy weight make traveling with young ones in tow cumbersome. Thanks to the makers of the Hifold Car Seat, there’s now another solution for this necessary nuisance.

Hifold Car Seat is a grab-and-go highback booster that folds down 3x smaller than a regular booster and just as safe. It’s ultra portable and great for storage.

Hifold Car Seat Folds Down for Incredible Portability

It is bothering by the fact that kids weren’t being adequately protected when carpooling as a car seat was not always readily available. To fix the problem, Hifold was invented — a booster seat that is 3x smaller than the regular highback car booster seat, but just as safe and can be set up in less than 10 seconds..

Say goodbye to big, bulky, and difficult to transport boosters! Hifold Car Seat folds down to the size of a backless booster and comes with a carrying case for even easier travel. So, there’s no more excuse to carrying an extra safety measure for your kids when traveling.

Hifold Car Seat

Extremely Portable Design but With Safety in Mind

The hifold features eight ultra-compact, high-impact protection zones surrounded by a tough, polypropylene shell. Each impact zone is made of four layers including a lightweight EPP, a dense layer of EVA energy absorbing foam and a comfortable PU foam with Airflow washable, breathable fabric.

Instead of lifting the child up like a regular booster, hifold is designed to hold the seatbelt down with easy-to-use, patented, adjustable lap and shoulder belt guides. Most importantly, hifold has been designed and engineered to meet child safety seat regulations worldwide.

Hifold Car Seat

Grows With Your Child

Hifold Car Seat can support child’s weight from 40 to 100 lbs. or 15 to 36 kg. Suitable height is 40 to 57 inches or up to 150cm.

With a range of height and width settings and patent-pending adjustable shoulder guides, the hifold booster provides a safe and secure belt fit. Hifold is the most adjustable highback booster available and guarantees to grow old with your child.

Hifold Car Seat

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