Hinge Light Brightens Cabinet Spaces

This hinge light clamps quickly and easily into cabinet spaces, providing needed light.

This Hinge Light Attaches To Any Cabinet Hinge

Are you tired of reaching in the dark to find something, only to end up making a mess as you stumble around looking for what you need? This small, portable hinge light attaches to any cabinet hinge, illuminating all.

Hinge 1

This device features a powerful LED light that will fully brighten any dark cabinet space. It’s extremely simple to install and automatically turns off when the cabinet door is closed.

The light operates on a single 23A 12v battery, not included. Simply install the battery and clip to your cabinet’s hinge.

This device will become an essential addition to your home, saving you time spent groping in dark spaces. Grab it now while supplies last!

$23.99 $11.99

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