The MIPOW Wireless Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb is perfect for creating amazing lighting effects in your own home, giving it a beautiful glow and scenery.  It operates through a free phone app and fits in any general lightbulb socket.

This Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb has many effects and settings

This smart bulb comes with amazing lighting effects that you can control right from your mobile device.  The free app makes it seamless to integrate with each bulb and really gives you the freedom to do cool things.

Each mode is unique and cool and really sets the mood from either a party scene or to a gentle relaxation theme.  The control is really up to you when it comes to this smart bulb.

LED Smart Bulb Modes LED Smart Bulb Timer Mode LED Smart Bulb Customization LED Smart Bulb Shake Mode

The LED Smart Bulb fits just about any standard lightbulb socket

If you’re worried about compatibility, this bulb is as standard as it gets.  Most lamps have an E26/E27 socket which this bulb is, making it perfect to replace any standard lamp or head lighting in your house.

It lasts for about 20,000 hours which basically means it will last a lifetime.  It’s something that you’ll love and cherish in your home and we highly recommend this upgrade to your house.
LED Smart Bulb Specifications

$79.99 $29.99

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