Wooden Foldable LED Book Lamp

This wooden foldable LED book lamp is unlike any lamp you’ve ever seen. It folds out like the pages of a book, providing a unique and beautiful source of light.

Foldable LED Book Lamp Comes With A Stunning Wooden Finish

This book lamp’s stunning wooden finish filters its light in an even-handed manner, resulting in a soothing warm glow. It also looks beautiful, its blades reminiscent of a Japanese fan.

This lamp is perfect for emergencies when you need light in hard-to-reach areas. It is also a great nightlight for regular home use.

This book lamp’s foldable design has a full 360 degree rotation, and comes with a USB rechargeable battery.

The flexibility of this lamp’s rotation gives you total control over how much light you need. Fold a quarter-out, in half, or spread out as a complete circular shape.

Book Lamp 1


$79.99 $39.99

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