HORUS: The World’s First Swivel-Head Projector

Intuitive, adaptable, and seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle, whether you are on a business trip or cozying up in bed. The HORUS projector gives you an in-home theater experience or lets you do a business presentation with ease.


Imagine lying on your cozy bed and watching your favorite movie on the ceiling. The HORUS projector, a versatile companion, lets you immerse yourself in a cinematic experience anywhere in the house by replacing your 55-inch HDTV screen with a 200-inch Full HD viewing screen on your wall or ceiling without taking up extra space. All at the size of a typical water bottle.

HORUS Projector is the world’s first swiveling head projector so you can project on your wall or at the ceiling. Easily rotated head with a simple twist of your hand. Comparing to any consumer device on the market, the HORUS projector, at the size of a water bottle, provides the biggest viewing screen size.

HORUS: The World's First Swivel-Head Projector

HORUS is Packed with More Advance Features

HORUS Projector offers a 1080p Full HD quality with up to 200 inches widescreen projection. Now, imagine playing your favorite video games or watching a full HD movie on a 200 inches screen. It has a flexible viewing angle with manual focus and Keystone viewing angle auto-correction which easily corrects image distortion.

HORUS also offers easy wireless screen mirroring features. It can be connected through Bluetooth or Wifi with your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices. If you don’t want to connect any of your devices, no problem! You can insert your microSD card for the media source.

HORUS is also packed with built-in high-quality stereo speaker for an immersive cinematic experience and a built-in 3000 mAh battery. You can also charge HORUS on your powerbank or power through an AC power input.

HORUS: The World's First Swivel-Head Projector

$600 $329

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