HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid

HyperCube is a patent pending, award-winning wireless charger. Packed with more than 13 smart features, HyperCube also acts as a sleep aid, wake-up light and alarm clock – all while wirelessly charging up to 3 Qi-enabled devices at once.

HyperCube is a feature-packed bedside charging station and sleep aid that will simplify your life, get your routine sorted and transform your entire day.

Recharge Your Devices and Recharge YOURSELF!

The HyperCubes can charge 3 phones all at the same time with up to 2 times faster than other Qi charging devices. It is compatible for both Apple and Samsung devices.

The HyperCube alarm features a combination of gradually increasing light and sound to wake you up peacefully. It also has sleep sounds functions to keep you asleep. Restless sleepers can play a library of sleeping sounds from its built in speaker.

HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid

Mood Lamp, Touch Control Display and App-Enabled Features

HeperCube has a LED light panel that can be used as bedside lamp, reading lamp and mood lamp. You can also decide on brightness and colors.

Set your wake up alarm, mood light, sleep sounds and all the other settings directly on the HyperCube touchscreen display. You can also connect to HyperCube app to unlock more functionalities, more sounds, more LED colors, more everything!

HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid

$200 $99

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