Iconiq Qore – The Stackable Insulated Food Container

Iconiq Qore is a stainless steal food container that is insulated and stackable.  It completely replaces harmful tupperware and food container products alike.

Keeping food fresh is important, that’s why Iconiq Qore can keep your food fresh for hours.  It also can keep the temperature for hours in case you need to store hot and cold food at the same time.

Iconiq Qore - Eating

Iconiq Qore - Color Seperation

Breaking down each component of the Iconiq Qore

The great thing about this product is that it’s stackable so everyone’s lunch box could be different colors or different sizes.  There are six different pieces you can buy which makes it very modular.

  1. Contoured Handle – Makes it extremely easy to carry, the shape is excellent and perfect for on-the-go
  2.  10oz Stainless Steel Container – A smaller sized container for storing food at all temperatures.
  3. Inner Cap – Hold food and heat in extremely well and separates the temperatures between containers.
  4. 16oz Stainless Steel Container – A larger sized container for storing food at all temperatures.
  5. Fold-Out Spork – The ultimate spoon/fork which fits nicely in the bottom of the base.  Foldable and easily washable.
  6. Screw-on Base – Holds everything in from the bottom and has a nice spot for the Fold-Out Spork

Iconiq Qore - Patent Breakdown

Iconiq Qore - Foldable Spoon

The colors and combinations are endless because it’s a one-size fit all solution.  Stack them as a high as a tree, these innovative lunch containers are the perfect travel/outdoor invention made.

Iconiq Qore - Stackable Lunch Container

Iconiq Qore - Color Breakdown

Even smaller sized Iconiq Qores are great for a lunch to bring to work.  The dimensions of each piece were made perfectly for the right portion of food.

Iconiq Qore - Dimensions

The double wall vacuum insulation technology keeps food nice and fresh while maintaining the perfect temperature.  It’s really better than tupperware.

Iconiq Qore - Vacuum Insulated

Iconiq Qore - Spread


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