Illumi Bowl Anti-Germ Toilet Night Light

The Illumi Bowl Anti-Germ Toilet Night Light is a device that attaches on to your toilet bowl, giving you a night light and also keeping your toilet bowl germ-free. It uses a UV light to kill the germs while providing a nice glow to your bathroom to help you see at night.

The Illumi Bowl Toilet Night Light has been seen before

We’ve definitely seen this invention before, but we have not see one with the anti-germ killing light that keeps your toilet bowl clean. Without it, it’s just a night light which is definitely useful, but it’s even more useful with the UV light.

The light runs off batteries and is extremely easy to setup. It knows when to turn on because of the light setting, when it detects the lights are off, the toilet light will come on.

illumi bowl anti-germ light

The Illumi Bowl Anti-Germ Night Light is extremely easy to install

Just put a pair of batteries in the device and curve the light hose. Once you’ve figured out the shape of your toilet bowl , just harness it over and it will stay in place easily.

illumi bowl sleek new body


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