iRoller – Reusable Touchscreen Cleaner

The Mini iRoller  is a reusable touchscreen cleaner that easily wipes away finger prints and dust on your mobile phone, tablet or computer screen.  It’s perfect for clearing away those annoying smudges that drive you nuts.

This pocket roller is a liquid-free touchscreen cleaner so it doesn’t get messy easily.  It has a strip of sticky plastic that can be reused and disposed.

mini iroller hand

The Mini iRoller is extremely easy to use for any device

Simply align the Mini iRoller so the roll is flush with the screen and then roll back and fourth to clear the debris.  The roller will pick up fingerprints and dust that are stuck on the screen

Going back and fourth over it a few times might be best as each time the screen will seem cleaner and cleaner.  Repeat these steps until your screen is completely clear of all unwanted mess and debris.

mini iroller cleaning 2
mini iroller cleaning

The Mini iRoller is pocket-sized so it’s perfect for everyday carry

This roller is so small that it can easily be taken with you anywhere.  It’s about the width of 3 quarters so it definitely is no bigger than a lighter.  It’ll fit conveniently in your pocket.

mini iroller size


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