Apple continues to release new and upgraded models. Sooner or later, the iPhone XI will be released. However, they seem not yet resolved the very basic issue, their charging cable.

So, you’ve invested in a premium quality Apple device. So why not use a Lightning cable that matches the design ethos and build quality of that device? Featuring an ultra-strong and sturdy charging cable that you can be assured that this cable is built to last and performs perfectly.

IronWire the Indestructible!

It sounds a bit like a super hero name, and it is not very far, indeed. IronWire is a great cable with super strength that can even tow a car. The secret of IronWire lies in its outer part which is made of braided nylon. This specificity makes the formation of knot impossible, entanglement or twisting. Moreover, its robustness is literally incredible. However, you can pull it, step on it, roll on it, etc. IronWire will not move a bit. 

Its cost is almost derisory, considering all the advantages it offers. Due to the impressive strength of this Lightning cable, the IronWire also features a lifetime warranty. 

It must be acknowledged that the original cords have this unfortunate defect of being damaged very quickly. They are found split, severed, twisted, crushed, and in the end either it does not work any more, or it has been tinkered and it does not resemble anything. IronWire is the solution to all this. It comes to the rescue of the owners of Apple devices by presenting itself as a cable of charger and synchronization ultra resistant that nothing can alter.


MFI Licensed and Unique Tensile Tubing Designs Tested to Over 50,000 Bends

With a second layer of tough, flexible plastic right through the connector joint, this stopped excessive wear which provides unparalleled strength. Significantly tougher but with a degree of flexibility it takes away the stress on the connector joints. The cables have been rigorously tested, pulled, and have withstood over 50,000 bends, making them the best performing cables ever.

This cable has the “Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod” certification, you can be sure the IronWire is fully compatible with your device, while also adhering to all of Apple’s guidelines, and will have the same capacities as your original cords when you use it to recharge or to synchronize your devices. Since it has MFI license certification, it’s guaranteed to work without “this device is not supported” error messages cheap cables get!




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