Lazy Neck Phone Holder

This lazy neck phone holder is the ultimate way to look at your cell phone. It provides hands-free action that lets you sit back and enjoy what’s on the screen.

Lazy Neck Phone Holder Can Be Adjusted To Your Needs

This device fits loosely around your neck without discomfort, and features an adjustable mount that can be bended to whatever position you require. Sit back back and watch you phone, hands-free.

Lazy Neck 2

The lazy neck phone holder solves the issue of your hands getting tired holding your phone for extended periods of time. It also frees your hands to do other things like reach for a snack while you watch your favorite shows on Netflix.

This phone holder is so versatile, it can also work as a stand or selfie stick. Take perfect selfies at any angle!

Because of its super-convenience, this product is blowing up on social media right now. Supplies are low, so be sure and grab one while they last!

$29.99 $19.99


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