LIX PEN – 3D Pen Lets You Draw In The Air

LIX PEN lets you draw in the air with it’s new 3D Pen technology.  Literally draw 3D works of art that are real and you can touch.

It is the smallest circular 3D Printing Pen in the world.  It’s powered by a USB port or a power bank which makes it useable pretty much anywhere.

The LIX PEN is the perfect tool to bring with you anywhere

It’s small and compact and can fit anywhere.  All it needs is a charge and the plastic filament to be able to operate and start drawing beautiful 3D works of art.

lix pen featured
Drawing with it is extremely easy, press the button and watch the plastic 3D fill and come out.  It drys as soon as it comes out which lets you vertically draw things.


Geometric shapes and work of arts can now come to life with the LIX PEN

Draw straight lines and geo metrical shapes with the LIX PEN.  You can get as straight as a line or draw a circle with curves.

The works of art are amazing that come from this pen.  From abstract art to drawings and then to geometric figures, this LIX PEN does it all.

lix pen triangle

lix pen back
lix pen structure

lix pen boxing


$149.00 $139.00

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