Macbook Holder For All Apple Devices – Ridge Stand Plus

The Ridge Stand Plus is the most complete Macbook holder because it’s built strong, compact and absolutely beautiful.  The fact that it also holds iPhones and iPads makes it the most diverse stand that has ever been made for an Apple product.

If you have had enough with staring downwards at your laptop screen, you know the realities of a bad back and sore neck.  This Macbook holder puts your laptop at eye level which makes it more comfortable and ergonomic.

This project was originally started on kickstarter and the creators made a big crowdfunding campaign in order to get the job built.  They’ve gotten numerous support from the Apple community who have given it great reviews.

Looks and design are everything when it comes to Macbook holders

Many Apple fanatics are addicted to the clean aesthetics that it has, so this stand definitely appeals to the eye of a true fan boy.  Made in all aluminum, it matches all of your apple devices and accessories perfectly.

Macbook holder stand iphone ipad

Ccompeting stands are made from plastic which give it a cheap look and poor design quality.  The Ridge Stand Plus can hold up any laptop including the heaviest Macbook pro.

Different types mean they’re not just Macbook holders,  they’re Apple holders

This apple stand comes in three different sizes to fit all your propping needs.   The stands fold up for portability on the go, but spreads it’s wings when you need it to prop up your device.

It’s a great tool for traveling because it can fold up to something as small as a box of Altoids.  Travelers can use the stand to get a more comfortable ergonomic position so they can spend longer hours doing work in a hotel room.

Ridge stand plus macbook holder

Setting up macbook holder ridge stand plus

Ergonomics is everything when it comes to using these stands

Let’s face it, we’ve all had ergonomic discomfort before, especially when using a laptop.  If you own a macbook laptop , you probably never used your laptop with an external monitor.  The ergonomic position of your laptop and devices can be key to using them longer with maximum comfort.

Most ergonomic experts believe that the screen should be at eye level with your back upright.  The Ridge Stand Plus props your Macbook up perfectly to raise the screen to eye level.

ergonomic position macbook holder


It’s not just for sitting at a desk!  Look at the different prop positions you can use.  Some can be used as a simple prop to give a few extra inches off the desk or some can be used to turn into a full blown monitor at eye level.

different angles of macbook holder

The Ridge Stand Pro truly beats other stands because of it’s versatility and well crafted design.  The heavy aluminum and craftsmanship make it a long lasting investment that would be worth any Apple user’s dollar.


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