The Magnetic Phone Case is a sleekl design case especially made for iPhone. It uses glass for the entire back and aluminium bumper features anti-shock protection to maximize the safety of the device.

It is perhaps the most unbreakable and unscratchable phone case. Breaking the traditional practice of metal or silicone case with more convenient and innovative benefits especially made for iPhone users.

Maximum Protection for Your iPhone While Keeping it Looking Great!

The Magnetic Phone Case is made from Grade A aluminum with a lining of absorbent rubber to reduce shock from falls while the back of the case features super strong 9H Tempered glass all coming together to keep your phone as safe as possible. Ultimately, it keeps your phone safe from the many dangers and mistakes of everyday life.

The new phone case invisible magnet super resuscitation and it’s installation is more convenient. It is hard to scratch because it is made of high strength tempered glass. The ultra slim build design makes this case easy to hold and elegant looking.

Magnetic Phone Case


Zero Signal Losses or Any Connection Interference

The best part of all – It doesn’t block any signals at all. Plus, because of the metallic nature of the phone case, it supports the latest wireless charging standard so you don’t have to deal with messy wires when charging ever again!

Because of metallic nature of the phone case that conducts well, the heat on your phone doesn’t damage it at all.

Magnetic Phone Case

Full Functionality and Camera Protection

The combination of aluminum and silicon, which makes it flexible and user-friendly, giving users easy access to all functions. The sleekness of the case also makes your phone easy to hold.

It is also designed with resistance gap between the camera and screen from other objects and raised lip for back protection.

Magnetic Phone Case

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