Manhattan Briefs: The World’s First NanoFiber Boxer Brief

The Manhattan Briefs are the world’s first NanoFiberBoxer Brief which makes them 100,000x flexible than normal boxer/briefs and also 1,000 finer than cashmere.  They truly are the softest, most flexible, and most advanced pair of briefs ever made.

They have a ton of technology packed into a brief which make it super futuristic and comfortable.  These advanced features have truly put it in our top clothing innovations of 2017.

Manhattan Briefs are made out of the best material

The material the Manhattan Brief is made out of has six very cool features about it.  These features make it a fantastic ever day brief and almost a necessity for every brief made from now on.

manhattan briefs - featured

  • Antimicrobial
  • Moisture Regain
  • Radiation Resistant
  • Advanced Thermoregulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Static Free

Manhattan Briefs keep your sperm safe

Radiation resistance is important because cell phone radiation can have an effect on your testicles.  Wireless radiation from your cellphone is a real thing and these boxers protect against it.

Fig 1: Bacteria coming in contact with the fabric.


manhattan briefs - technology boxers fig 1

Fig 2: Up close look at moisture regain of a microscopic water droplet.

manhattan briefs - technology boxers fig 3
Fig 3: Static free and hypoallergenic fibers.
manhattan briefs - technology boxers fig 2

These briefs might have the perfect combination of material for the perfect underwear, but we’ll have to see going forward how scalable this project is.  It was originally started on Kickstarter and has seen massive funding for it’s cause.

This is the perfect gift for a boy friend, dad, brother, uncle or whoever needs a pair of innovative boxers/briefs.



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