Medusa Bathing Suit Lets You Show Off

This Medusa bathing suit is a hot way to show off at the beach, in style. Become an instant topic of conversation while having fun with its unique sequin design.

Medusa Bathing Suit Changes Colors

This special bathing suit is constructed from a high-quality polyester and sequin material that changes colors as you run your hands through it.

The sequin construction even allows you to write cool things over the suit! Its sleek, sexy design will be a head-turner at every event.

Perfect for pool parties, the beach, or anywhere you would wear a bathing suit. The colors are bright and vibrant, and you can change them instantly with a touch of your hand.

You know you can’t resist: it’s too much fun not to wear. Order while supplies last!

Medusa 1

$34.04 $29.99

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