Mini Camera Drone Quadrocopter

This mini camera drone quadrocopter fits in the palm of your hands and can fly for up to 6 minutes. Control it from your smartphone for hours of fun.

Mini Camera Drone Gives You Real-Time Video Feed

Simply fly this camera drone and it will give you real-time video feed on your screen. Follow it anywhere and see what it discovers.

One charge lasts for up to six minutes of flight. Recharge through a USB in minutes.

Mini Camera Drone Provides Shatterproof Flight

This drone is constructed from materials so durable, it is shatterproof.  Use it for years without worry of accidental breakage.

Comes with four spare propellers, a screw driver, and USB charging cable. Use your smartphone’s wi-fi to send it anywhere you want to go.

Quad 2

$119.99 $59.99

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