This Mini Pocket Cannon packs a powerful blast by blasting mini cannon pellets up to 50 yards! It may be small but it sure packs a mean punch!

The Mini Pocket Cannon may be small in size but it sure packs a powerful punch!

Trust us, a lot of people mistake this mini pocket cannon as a replica toy, only meant for decoration. But there is much more then meets the eye…


It is absolutely small in size, but this Mini Pocket Cannon is capable of projecting the *included* metal pellets up to 50 yards! Not so much a replica toy now huh? LOL!

If you ever wanted to become a pirate… This Mini Pocket Cannon will allow you to do just that!

It is a fully adjustable cannon, allowing you to tilt the barrel up or down based on how far you want to shoot the included metal pellets. It has a FULL 90′ degree titling capability with .47″ revolving wheels!


Now we’re sure you’ve used plenty of cannons in the past, so you already know how easy it is to use one…no sarcasm intended. However, this Mini Pocket Cannon is super easy to use! Simply pour down the black powder (not included for safety and regulation reasons) into the barrel, then drop down the included metal pellet, light the fuse and cover your ears!


Featuring a FULL metal body, you can rest assure that this Mini Pocket Cannon can handle plenty of blasts! Unlike those pesky pirate ship versions that blew up after a few uses lol!


Included is everything you see above! Get your full metal body cannon, metal pellets and even a pirate wooden box to carry it all with you and give you that FULL overall experience. Amazon prime shipping options available so you can start using your very own Mini Pocket Cannon immediately!




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