Olly Smart Robot AI That Learns Your Moods

Introducing Olly Smart Robot, the first fully customized artificial intelligence unit with an evolving personality. It will become your steadfast companion and assistant, able to read your moods and respond with an appropriate action.

Olly Smart Robot Matches Your Unique Personality

Each Olly device learns your moods and is programmed to react to them. Olly can sense whether you’re happy, sad, frustrated, playful, or exhausted through sensors that detect your facial expression and voice modulation, learning to adapt and evolve with you.

The Olly Smart Robot is the first of its kind to engage with you proactively. It will read your expression and start a conversation, including the ability to suggest actions that can help change or enhance your current mood!

Whether it’s motivating your workout, reminding you of your impending yoga class, suggesting and playing music to suit your mood, or engaging in interactive conversation like a real friend, Olly is the perfect AI companion.

Olly can connect to all of your favorite apps for a seamless voice-controlled experience. The future is now, and the possibilities are endless.

$699.00 $499.00

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