Paqsule Self Cleaning Bag – The Only Bag with O3 & UV-C Cleaning Technology

Paqsule is a self cleaning bag that is the perfect travel companion.  It uses a special technology to kill the bacteria and germs inside your bag when traveling.

Paqsule was started on Kickstarter and it’s been picking up steam very quickly.  It’s the first bag ever with self cleaning technology which keeps your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

What separates Paqsule from all the other bags?

Paqsule isn’t just a bunch of bells and whistles.  The self cleaning technology called PaqTech is a chemical-free process that deodorizes, sanitizes and kills bacteria inside of your bag which leads to a clean smelling and germ-free interior

The bag is lined with tons of specialized pockets that are fit for things like your laptop and phone.  A USB charger comes attached to the bag which has over 10,000 hours of life.

Paqsule Self Cleaning Bag

Paqsule is built to last and to compete with competitors

With so many new travel bags out there, it’s hard to imagine that this is the only trendy crowd funded bag.  Paqsule stands up to compete with all of them and has a slight edge as well.

Most of the features on the bag can be found on other traveling bags, but the one feature that cannot be found on other bags is the self-cleaning technology.

Paqsule Self Cleaning Bag

We have Paqsule as one of the top 3 crowdfunded bags you can get out there. The self-cleaning technology is innovative and absolutely necessary when it comes to heavy traveling.

Having your clothes cleaned while in your bag is a sweet luxury that can save you plenty of time. It competes with all other bags as far as extra bells and whistles on it.


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