Pet Hats for Dogs & Cats – Newest and Cutest Way to Dress Your Pet

Pet Hats are blowing up all over the internet as they are the newest and cutest thing to happen to pet apparel. They help block the sun from your pet’s eyes while making them look adorable.

striped pet hat dog

Pet Hats work for all animals that can fit

The Pet Hats don’t just work on dogs and cats, they also work on other similar sized animals.  This rabbit is a cute example of another pet wearing one of these adorable hats.


striped pet hat rabbit

striped pet hat dog

striped pet hat dog

striped pet hat dog

striped pet hat dog

Pet Hats also come in the form of Pet Hoods

These hoods look adorable and completely cover up your pet’s head.  It can make your pet look like a bear, tiger or lion.  They simply go over your pets had and attach with velcro.

striped pet hat hood bear

striped pet hat hood tiger

striped pet hat hood strap

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