Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer For iPhone

Introducing the Prynt Pocket, an accessory for your iPhone that lets you print photos instantly.

Prynt Pocket Lets You Print Out Photos In Seconds

Simply attach this small device to your phone and with the press of a button, print out any photo in 30 seconds. Each printout is high quality, with vibrant color.

The Prynt Pocket can also print out still captures from iPhone videos. You can even embed a video into your photo, so that friends you share the photo with can use the app to unlock the video and bring it to life!

Print And Stick With Prynt Pocket

This tiny printer also lets you print photos from social media feeds like Instagram and Snapchat. Each photo is printed on Zink (zero ink) sticker paper–simply remove the bottom adhesive and stick the photo anywhere.

With this device you can apply filters and frames, add text, and more to your photos before printout.  Customize to your heart’s content and then share with friends and loved ones.



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